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ACT Identity

1. Canberra

Australian Capital Territory


ACT Flag

All State flags, except the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, use the Australian flag, based on the Blue Ensign, but have the particular badge of that State on the right hand side where the Southern Cross would be.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) flag consists of the hoist third, which has the Southern Cross on a blue background, the fly two thirds has the blue and white Coat of Arms of the ACT on a yellow background.

ACT Coat of Arms

The Australian Capital Territory has no Coat of Arms. The city of Canberra, the national capital of Australia, was granted a Coat of Arms by King George V in 1928.

The Canberra Coat of Arms consists of a black and white swan supporting a shield.
The shield includes a medieval castle and a crossed Sword of Justice and mace. Beneath the castle is a rose. Above the shield are a gate, a crown and a gum tree.
The mace is a symbol of Parliament. The black and white swans represent the Aboriginal and European races. The rose is the Rose of York, for the Duke of York who declared Canberra the Seat of Government in 1927.

The motto is "Pro Rege, Lege et Grege" - "For the Queen, the Law and the People.

Floral emblem: Royal Bluebell
Bird emblem: Gang-Gang Cockatoo