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North'n Territory

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Northern Territory


Northern Territory Flag

Flag adopted: 1 July 1978

All State flags, except the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, use the Australian flag, based on the Blue Ensign, but have the particular badge of that State on the right hand side where the Southern Cross would be.

The Northern Territory was founded as a Federal Territory on 1 January 1911. It was granted self-government on 1 July 1978. Until then it used the national flag and Coat of Arms.

The flag, designed by Robert Ingpen, a Victorian illustrator, was first flown in 1978. It uses black, white and ochre, basic colours of Aboriginal art. It features the Southern Cross in white on a black panel at the hoist. The centre of the fly has Sturt's Desert Rose with seven petals on a red ochre background.

Northern Territory Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms was granted by Queen Elizabeth in 1978.
It features a shield containing two aboriginal designs associated with Arnhem Land, a female Aboriginal figure and two carved motifs.
On either side of the shield is a sprig of Sturt's Desert Rose.
The shield is supported by two red kangaroos holding shells.
At the crest is a wedge-tailed eagle, with wings splayed, on a rock.
Beneath the rock is a helmet.

This is the only Australian Coat of Arms to contain all the bird, animal and floral emblems for that state/territory.

Floral emblem: Sturt's Desert Rose
Animal emblem: Red Kangaroo
Bird emblem: Wedge-tailed Eagle