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State Identity

Tasmanian Flag

Flag adopted 29 November 1875

All State flags, except the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, use the Australian flag, based on the Blue Ensign, but have the particular badge of that State on the right hand side where the Southern Cross would be.

The Tasmanian flag is the Blue Ensign with the State badge. The badge consists of a red lion within a white circle. This design reflects historical ties with England. The badge was approved by the British Colonial office in 1875. It has remained largely unchanged since then. It was officially proclaimed in 1975.

Tasmanian Coat of Arms

Tasmania's Coat of Arms was granted by King George V on 21 May 1917. The shield represents Tasmanian industry: apples, a sheaf of wheat, a branch of hops, plus a ram. It is supported by two Tasmanian tigers, now extinct. Above the shield are a red lion with a front paw resting on a spade and pick axe.
The motto, "Ubertas et Fidelitas", means "Fertility and Faithfulness".

Floral emblem: Tasmanian Blue Gum
Animal emblem: Tasmanian Devil (unofficial) and Yellow Wattlebird