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West Australia

State Identity

Western Australia

State Identity

Western Australian Flag

Current flag adopted: circa 1953

All State flags, except the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, use the Australian flag, based on the Blue Ensign, but have the particular badge of that State on the right hand side where the Southern Cross would be.

The flag of Western Australia is the Blue Ensign with the State badge. The badge consists of the native Black Swan within a yellow circle. The choice of the black swan was suggested in 1870 by Governor Weld for the badge for the colony.

WA Coat of Arms

Western Australia's present Coat of Arms was granted by Queen Elizabeth on 17 March 1969. Before then the Black Swan had long been adopted by early settlers as their unofficial emblem. The earlier unofficial Coat of Arms had a latin motto "Cygnis Insignis" meaning "distinguished by its swans" but this was not used on the official Coat of Arms.

The WA Coat of Arms has two Red Kangaroos, each holding a boomerang, supporting a shield which features the black swan on a base of rippled blue and silver. Above the shield is an Imperial Crown on a black and gold wreath between two Kangaroo Paw flowers.

Floral emblem: Red and Green Kangaroo Paw
Animal emblem: Numbat (Banded Anteater)
Bird emblem: Black Swan