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1. Anzac Biscuits
2. Damper
3. Lamingtons
4. Pavlova
5. Vegemite

Food and Drink

Australia's first settlers brought with them the tastes of 18th century Great Britain. Their familiar dishes such as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Irish stew and steamed pudding were, for most of the year, totally unsuitable for the harsh climate and conditions.

In the last two hundred years these eating habits have gradually changed, and continue to do so. In the Gold Rush of 1851, adventurers and speculators came from all over the world, among them thousands of Chinese who began successful market gardens, greengrocers shops and restaurants, thus introducing us to new tastes. From there it continued.

Today, influenced by the large number of immigrants from Mediterranean, Asian and other countries, our menus now reflect Australia's multicultural society. Once traditional dishes have been spiced up with new flavours, but when it comes to fair dinkum Aussie tucker, there are a few classic dishes that have stood the test of time and cannot be improved. (Recipes and information have been provided for traditional dishes)

anzac biscuits - traditional biscuit/cookie dating back to World War I

bangers - sausages
bangers and mash - sausages and mashed potato
billy tea - bush tea boiled in a tin container
biscuits - cookies
booze - alcohol
bundy - Bundaberg rum, eg 'bundy and coke'

champers - champagne
chips - French fries
chook - chicken
cuppa - cup of tea or coffee

damper - bush bread

grog - alcohol

lamington - traditional small sponge cake squares covered in chocolate
  icing and sprinkled with coconut
lollies - candy

middy - medium sized glass of beer

pavlova - traditional meringue dessert

sanga - sandwich
schooner - large glass of beer
snag - sausage
stubby - small bottle of beer

tinny - can of beer
tomato sauce - ketchup
tucker - food

VB - Victoria Bitter, brand of beer
Vegemite - spread for toast or sandwiches, made from yeast extract

XXXX - 'four ex', Queensland brand of beer


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